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The Massive Benefits Of Installing Drainage Systems Across Brisbane And Queensland

It is important to have the soil condition assessed before using it for dairy farming. As these soils gets waterlogged for weeks and months every year, particularly in the wetter seasons.  Many of the farmers are not sure about the physical and chemical characteristics of their soil types. This must be analysed and the appropriate measures should be taken to install the right type of drainage system that best suits the soil. The drainage systems can be very expensive however, the long-term benefits of the installation process may outweigh the initial expense.

What are the benefits of constructing a subsurface drainage system?

Proper installation of drainage facillities results in both increased pasture use and extra growth of pasture and this can get very competitive with other feed sources too. However, in order to take advantage of this extra growth, more cows, and farm improvements (including a feed pad) might be useful.

However, subsurface drainage offers numerous benefits such as enhancement in soil condition due to the increased ventilation of the soil, soils response better to the use of the fertilisers, reduction in soil mineral imbalances and in the plants too. The salinity of the soil and water can be prevented effectively in its early stages.

Undrained soils produce lesser amount of fodder in comparison to drained soil. This helps in the sustainability of fodder to grow effectively. So, the feedstuff produced has the potential to be of much higher quality.

Drainage can be reduced by plugging and development of favourable soil conditions. This results in improved pasture retention and the influx of plants that are suited to waterlogged conditions such as rushes, fog grasses, glyceria species and many more.  The reduced stress in the management of these stock and pastures has a very large benefits for the farm operator especially during the time of the wetter months.

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7 Practical Benefits of Using PVC Water Pipes for Trenchless Applications

Over the years, there has been an exponential increase in the use of PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride) pipes in residential, commercial and industrial projects. With several practical benefits, PVC pipes have emerged as a competitive alternative to other pipe materials such as clay, metals and concrete. Here are the top benefits of using PVC pipes for trenchless water pipelines in Brisbane, Queensland.


PVC has been predominantly used as both a sewer and water main material for the past few decades – way before polyethylene and ductile iron came into the picture. PVC’s long service life has been tried and tested since the 1950s and the results are highly satisfying. Numerous research studies on the longevity of PVC have stated that PVC pipes are durable enough to deliver a 100+ year performance.

Resistant to Corrosion and Highly Durable

Another practical benefit of PVC is that it is resistant to corrosion. PVC does not corrode externally and internally – making it ideal for buried applications. Using PVC pipes for trenchless water pipelines will save you money as there is no need to set up a corrosion protection cover that can add to the costs of the project. PVC is highly durable and is never affected by minor surface damage. Unlike other materials, PVC do not require protective coatings or sleeving. It is highly durable and well protected against deterioration due to horizontal drilling or any other trenchless construction method.

Watertight Joints

For almost all water distribution projects, PVC water pipes are designed with gasket joints. These gasket joints are introduced to facilitate a permanent seal. Properly installed gasket joined PVC pipes are not vulnerable to leakage problems.

Delivers Pure and Clean Water

When it comes to water supply and delivery, PVC pipes are far ahead in the race than other water pipe materials. Water passing through PVC pipes never change its natural quality. The biggest advantage of using this material for trenchless water pipelines in Brisbane, Queensland is that PVC pipes deliver water as pure and clean as it receives. It adds no external odour or taste to the water it delivers. Chemical contaminants and toxic substances like lead which are associated with metal pipes are not present in PVC pipes.


When it comes to strength, PVC pipes sit at the top of the list. They can bear external loads from over 30m of ground cover. PVC pipes are not only highly durable but can also flex or bend without breaking. They can easily withstand ground movements caused due to instability and earthquakes.


Several research studies and life cycle assessments have reiterated that PVC pipes have a lower environmental impact than all other pipe types.

Low Maintenance Cost

One of the main benefits of using PVC pipes for trenchless water pipelines in Brisbane, Queensland is the low maintenance cost. Due to an exponential increase in the usage of PVC pipe for sewer and water applications, PVC repair parts, maintenance equipment and appurtenances are easily available in the local market.


3 Common Sewer Mains Problems That You Must Be Aware Of!

Your sewer system plays an important role in transferring wastewater away from your home into a septic system. However, just like any other lines, your sewer system will get blocked from time to time. This may create sever problems down the line, if not treated beforehand. Here are a few common problems that you may face with your sewer mains in Brisbane, Queensland and they are:

Clogged sewer mains – have it inspected and fixed immediately!

Clogs can present serious problems in the future if it is not dealt with before hand. You should never send these items down the sewer lines such as diapers, cooking grease or feminine hygiene products or else these stuffs will enter the system and block the pipes. As a result, water will not be able to flow through and will lead to blocking and too much pressure in the pipes. If you find that the water is taking too long to drain and toilets are making gurgling sounds when you flush, it can be a sign of blockage. Contact your plumber immediately!

Overgrown tree roots can damage the pipes or block the flow of water

Sometimes, roots overgrow and burst through the pipes or clogs the passage. This follows collapse and poor sewer reticulation. If your property is filled with numerous amounts of trees and you suspect that it might be because of the root system, call a plumber immediately to inspect the issues. This will ensure quicker solution or else, things could take a costly turn for the worse.

Broken pipes can hurt the sewer mains badly

Pipes can break from numerous reasons, freezing, increased external or internal pressure, soil shifts or breakage of sealants in between the pipes. This may result in water filtering out into the ground around it. If you find unnecessary puddles all around the pipe zones, or strong unpleasant smells around your property, it could be a sign of leak or damage to the pipeline. Have your septic system inspected to make sure that the pipes are intact.