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Gross Pollutant Traps (GPT) Filtration Systems

Effective Gross Pollutant Traps (gpt) Filtration Systems Brisbane, Queensland

As the name suggests gross pollutant traps filtration system is a process that prevents rainwater pollution from getting into the downpipe or waterways. This filter catches the most of the solid dirt, garbage and litters but doesn’t prevent chemicals contaminating to the environment.

Types of Gross Pollutant:

At Jacks Drainage, we have designed robust pollutant traps service that retains and catch grit, sediments and litters with quality filtration system. The types of pollutant that our filtration captures are:

• Industrial residues
• Non-biodegradable products
• Residential clutters
• Sediments
• Industrial and commercial plastics
• Metals

How Gross Pollutants Affect Your Health?

When storm water pollution increases it affect our environment badly. From plants to human being everything is badly affected. Sediments and debris in the water prevent plants to penetrate properly. On the contrary, it gets more dangerous when pollutants pass through the waterways, making it unhygienic.

How Can You Prevent The Pollution?

Before you head for professional gross pollutant traps filtration systems in Brisbane and Queensland, you need to prevent contamination gushing through your waterways and property. It is more effective when you do routine clean up and maintenance.

How Can We Help You?

We can understand that it’s simply very tedious to clean up those nasty sediments and clutter on your own. We deploy advanced as well as high caliber GPTs for comprehensive waste management and retention. We install storm water detention and retention equipment and machinery to stop slit and sediments contaminate with the environment. Our team carries out inspection service to assess trapping procedures. Depending upon the amount of the clutter, our team can deploy sediment detention and retention basin and dissipaters.

Whenever you are looking for gross pollutant traps filtration systems in Brisbane and Queensland, just give us a call. We’re just a call away!